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Balance 4 life

Practice for Natural Health

The Body/Emotion Code?

The Body/Emotion Code is a tool to be used to tap into our subconscious mind to determine what imbalances need to be corrected.

Like a computer the subconscious mind will record every belief, thought, word or action that has been recorded throughout our lifetime by our input devices. What we see, hear, taste, speak and feel from the moment of conception until now is recorded on this “hard-drive” within our mind. Our sub-conscious mind programs itself based on the environment in which we receive the input. This is why it is so important to understand that our culture, religion, family history, social environment and community are so important in understanding who and what we have become. Once the old programs are released, we can input and reprogram our true “heart desires”.

Using muscle testing we can enter the sub-conscious through specific wording that will elicit a “yes” or “no” response. The muscles of the body will weaken if the answer is “no” and the muscles of the body will strengthen if the answer is “yes”. It is possible to tap into the “programming” of the body to determine if there is an imbalance which can be corrected to change our current life experience to one we want and need.

The energetic body and subconscious mind are like a lake. Beneath the surface are hidden Trapped Emotions and other imbalances that can contribute to poor health. When a Trapped Emotion is identified and recognized by the conscious mind, it rises to the surface of the body and the energy is concentrated along the governing meridian of the body. The governing meridian runs from the upper lip, up over the head and down the spine to the tail-bone. To release the trapped emotion the practitioner rolls a magnet down the spine or governing meridian, usually three times. Given that the body is made of electromagnetic energy, the magnet literally pulls the trapped emotion away from the body.

Once a particular trapped emotion is released, that’s it! It’s gone forever!

Which imbalances does the body code address?

Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor and developer of the body code, teaches that true health simply means being balanced in six different ways:

Energies: identifying and removing damaging energies that can become trapped in the body during stressful emotional events.

Toxicity: the Body Code can identify and address toxic agents that don’t show up on medical tests as well as those that do.

Pathogens: destructive and often elusive infections can be easily identified along with any necessary remedies to rid the body of them.

Structural: imbalance in the bones, organs, connective tissue, muscles and nerves can be treated non-invasively.

Nutritional: nutrient deficiency as well as imbalances like dehydration, magnetic field deficiency or a need for a healing food or herb.

Wall around your heart!

(Let me help you remove it)