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Balance 4 life

Practice for Natural Health

Yvonne van Schijndel

After my training as a nurse I went to Uganda out of pure idealism. I was working for two years in a small mission hospital and helping people as much as I could was my goal. However I learned very soon that I was learning so much more from the people I met. Their inner Joy and singing and dancing, even when times weren’ t easy, is a treasure I have always kept in my heart.

It was a challence to start with the local People “polyclinics” and much more than that. I am looking back with much joy and thankfulness.

After I came back I got married and we travelled like “nomads” practically every two years to a new country all over the world.

In this way we learned and experienced a lot about the world and it's people.

We received three children and motherhood is for me a great Joy and learning process at the same time.

After the children left home I started again to search for work in the health system.

I followed a course for counsellor/coaching. Became a NLP practitioner. Followed a course for Natural food advisor. While I was doing all this I started to realize the importance of a good balance between body and mind.

It struck me that the Chinese health system is mainly occupied with regaining the balance of the body so that the body itself can regenerate.

And our food is certainly of great importance to .

I studied the meridians, the flow of energy in our body and that is how I understood that if there is somewhere a blockage it can give a reaction at another place of the body or an organ that doesn’t get provisioned well enough.

The blockage can be physical or emotional. So there seems to be a connection to what the body brings up and let us feel and see. When we listen well and translate the signals of the body we can help to regain the balance.

I followed a course in Jin Shin Jyutsu. After that I came in contact with The Asyra Pro system and became a Therapist after following a course. I got my diploma in energetic health. Than my certificate in orthomoleculaire health and food.

I got certified in the Emotion Code and Body Code developed by Dr, Bradley Nelson and love working with this method because I see beautiful results in the lives of my clients!!